Chris Brown’s show was ok. It was not ‘wow’. There has been enough said about why rlg will spend $1M on CB whose popularity and clout has been as mixed and inconsistent as that of his relationship with Rihanna. Again, there have been questions about why a supposedly middle income state on paper but lower income on the ground will dole out a million bucks to a 23 year old who already has too much money for his age. But hey, you and I have no say in what Roland Agambire chooses to use his monies and his connections to do. For example, he has started that ambitious technology village christened Hope City. That is awesome. But apparently, the idea to bring in bad boy Chris Brown may not have been that awesome. The show itself was ok. CB did his thing; the dude is a good dancer and sings well too. I wont say he mimed. He sang along and did acapellas in between. His five dancers were good too. But Chris Brown disrespected the sponsors, the organizers, his fans, the crowd at the stadium and everyone with the remotest link to yesterday’s show.


I have always detested foreign acts who arrive in Ghana just hours before their shows. I am told he was actually supposed to have been at the ground breaking ceremony for the Hope City which was done by JM last Monday. Of course he didnt show although some members of his crew arrived at least three days earlier. Dude came in about 2pm.


Before Ludacris came to Ghana he sent tweets about it. He said loads of things about Ghana before and after his show. Bow Wow, yes a little famous these days, also did same. Chris Brown did none of these. May be he is taking time off social media bit there were tweets from his twitter handle about some other matters. You can say he does not run his pages himself but it is still no excuse. CB didnt seem to care about his show here.


I have become less insensitive hearing foreign acts using swear words. Too much of it though becomes irritating. We had our fair share of it last night. What on earth though was Chris Brown thinking when he asked the crowd if any smoked weed? When he started a section of us booed. I began asking myself ‘what on earth is this boy doing’. Then when it seemed it was supposed to be some act, I thought, ‘ok may be Chris is on some crusade to change attitudes’. I wish. Then he said ‘ if anyone is tripping cos you smoke weed, fuck them’. As if this was not bad enough, he pulls out a joint, lights it, inhales and exhales away. I was shocked to the bone. Where was security? They were there. Police, Military. I even saw a few Military Police. If they protested to anyone at some point then I am yet to find out. I think we need answers from rlg, Charterhouse, Empire. Who gave CB the weed? Did they know he was going to smoke it to a live audience which included loads of people under the age of 18? If he brought it down from the US then there is a bigger question on the status of our airport security. If he did, then perhaps we should start worrying about just how much illicit drugs come and go through Kotoka.


When Ludacris came to Ghana he attended at least one radio interview with Sarkodie. During the show, it was Ludacris who introduced Sarkodie. And guess what, they did a remix to one of Ludacris’ hots before Sark continued from there. Chris Brown invited Wizkid from Nigeria to dance azonto with him. What kinda insult was that? We own azonto. Our brothers from Nigeria are trying to steal it and we seem not to have a say when this is rubbed in our faces? There was no connection between CB and Ghana. Dude did not even mention the company that signed his million dollar cheque for him, let alone promote the Hope City.


Aside our security people not been able to stop CB from breaking our laws on stage, they seemed not to know how to handle crowds after they have entered the stadium. Thing is, once someone enters through a designated gate, the person is thus entitled to sit at a specific location by virtue of where they entered from. It seemed like the misapplication of common sensej especially when they kept shoving and pushing people as though we were in some jungle.


I just think our local folks should learn how to finish singingvtheir songs on stage. They start and stop midway when they feel like. We have always complained about the stagecraft of these guys. Aside Samini, VIP and Kwaw Kesse, and to some extent 4×4 and Sarkodie, the rest are really awful. They should respect our audiences and learn how to really entertain. Much as Chris Brown may not have awed me, no one can doubt his performance acumen. Can we say some for our local folks?


Perhaps it was. But not for a million bucks and certainly minus the stupid and criminal antics of smoking weed on stage.

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About Kwame Gyan

Kwame Gyan is a trained journalist who has taken a break to practice corporate communications but still has an eye on the profession he loves most. He started writing in junior secondary school whiles his broadcasting career started at Radio Univers whiles a student at the University of Ghana in 2001 and has gone on to have stints with Joy FM and CITI FM. He was a columnist in The Globe, an Accra-based freely-distributed newspaper. His articles cutting across entertainment, politics, sports and pure fiction are featured in some other newspapers and blogs. He may be reached via
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  1. Efo Dela says:

    Charter House are saying it wasn’t weed, it was a Cigar and was part of the act.
    rLG are also saying it wasn’t weed it was an e-Cigarette (whatever that is).
    Haha! What sort of excuses are these?


    MAN U RIGHT…………………

  3. Sharms says:

    Hello Kwame, well written article but here are a few things I would also like to point out.

    -If whoever invited and paid Chris Brown did a little research, they would have known what to expect from his concert. This research would have informed them about certain decisions such as making the show 18+ or telling Chris Brown what he can/cannot do. But we are just so lax about everything we do and do not bother with the small things. So as usual, we are here complaining about something that could have easily been addressed. If one cannot stand vulgar language, there is no reason why they should be attending a CHRIS BROWN concert. You have a choice to buy the ticket or not. Like you said, Chris Brown has enough money and does not need any one to force themselves to attend his concerts. if you want him to know about your laws you have to let him know, obviously. He is not a student in your classroom and you cannot ‘punish’ him when he does something wrong.

    -Chris Brown reserves the right to invite whoever he wants to his show. Why are Ghanaians complaining when they got to see Wiz Kid for free? And he performed a song in honour of Ghanaians. No one has claimed to want to steal Azonto. Anyway is this the only thing we can be proud of? Our priorities are so skewed! Compare Wiz Kid’s performance to D Black’s. That was a HORRIBLE performance and so I do not even blame Chris Brown for inviting Wiz Kid. In fact, I was very happy to see him and enjoyed his performance IMMENSELY.

    -Let us all remember that Chris Brown was INVITED and PAID by someone and did not come here on his own steam. As Ghanaians we love to feel entitled to everything. For no reason at all! We also forget that we have a CHOICE.

    -All we do in this country is COMPLAIN instead of getting up and doing something, we are acting like we were doing Chris Brown a favour by inviting him to come and perform for us. What we must realise that his net worth is probably higher than our GDP.

    I am fed up of this attitude of entitlement that a lot of Ghanaians have.

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