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Getting Government Communications Right

(originally scripted on March 21 thereabout ) I get the impression the President is a very tolerable man who gives his children and work men a pretty long rope to trudge on. Either that, or he is so overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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AZONTO: Let’s be wary of the Nigerians!

In November of 2011 I did a piece I titled “GOOGLING AZONTO”. In that piece I said that “I typed the word A-Z-O-N-T-O into my Google search bar. The entire search results that jumped at me were from Ghana, of … Continue reading

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Too Easy

I think some of the Presidents’ appointees do not deserve to hold the offices to which they have been appointed. It seems it is too easy to become a Minister of State in Ghana; same as been a member of … Continue reading

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Bright Simons on Single Spine

I can boldly say that 80% of labour agitations have and will continue to center on two main sectors: health and education. The reason is simple: these are professional services run by trained service providers that unfortunately our laws, policies … Continue reading

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