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Who is a journalist?

Have you noticed the difficulty with which some TV news/current affairs hosts struggle to ask relevant questions during interviews? Some people I must say are merely on TV because they proved that they can read, they have a nice face … Continue reading

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30 Things to stop doing to Yourself

Hi Folks, I found this somewhere on the big wide world called social media several weeks back. I actually thought I had shared it before but apparently I think I have not. It is a good read! 1. Stop spending … Continue reading

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Ghana Music Awards: What a Nobody Like Me Expect NOT To Happen

(I posted this on Facebook on April 4, 2011) Saturday April 9 will see the 11th edition of the Ghana Music Awards (GMA), we all know that. As has always been the case, events leading up to the show has … Continue reading

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Whatever I post on this blog (, my Facebook wall (Kwame Gyan), Twitter page (@KwameGyan), LinkedIn page (Kwame Gyan), newspaper column (Piece of my Mind), etc are my personal views. This includes my review of the Ghana Music Awards. I … Continue reading

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Ghana Music Awards – KG’S Candid Review

Let me say right from the start that I think the 2013 Ghana Music Awards was better organized than most of what we have seen lately. Charterhouse did a good job but even with the improved organization, there were still … Continue reading

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Jungle Gold: Shame on Ghana

I watched an episode of the Jungle Gold documentary on YouTube. I got angry watching it. I didn’t get too angry though. My curious mind was flooded with loads of questions as I watched it. Questions that made me wonder … Continue reading

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Service: Redefining It to Suit the Politician

How many times have we not heard some politician fret over the justification over why they should be paid what they are paid, and receive the sort of outrageous end of service benefits that they get? The sort of service … Continue reading

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Life’s Lessons

When you are like me you tend to hear a lot, see a lot, feel a lot, do a lot and so on. Let me share some of what I’ve seen and heard and felt and thought of, with you. … Continue reading

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