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A Key Cutter at Okponglo (By Laud Boateng)

Doctor my Bum. My big big Bum! A colleague dentist had misplaced his office keys and needed one urgently. I told him that I recall 20 years ago when Dad used to drive us to Morning star through the heavy … Continue reading

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Understanding the President

I have listened to both tapes. The shamefully doctored one, and the original one. First of all, I think some mischievous people are twisting what the President said. The reference to the hen and the hawk clearly refers to an … Continue reading

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VGMA – We still don’t get the basics

There have been lots of reviews on the awards and this here is mine. I must say though that after 15 years we still run the music awards as though it was the first time. Too many basic errors are … Continue reading

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The story of Rwanda’s genocide of 1994 is well known. I was 13 when it all happened but I vividly recall the scenes from Kigali and the countryside. As they remember the heart wrenching events of 20 years ago under … Continue reading

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