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The OB Dogfight is on – Starr FM vs Joy FM; Live FM vs YFM

Last time I checked there were approximately 40 radio stations operating within the Accra area – I didn’t say Greater Accra region. Just the Accra area. Yes, I will expect some of you to be surprised at that statistic. In … Continue reading

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Rating the Morning Shows: My Take

It has been a very interesting year for the morning shows in the capital. From Kafui Dey struggling to fit in and eventually been booted back to TV through the emergence of new stations and the general fight to not … Continue reading


Bibiara wo Accra, aden? Why!

I originally posted this in my Facebook Notes on December 17, 2010. Yes, 5 years ago. See if anything has changed since: Accra has become Ghana. I mean all the important things we do governance-wise is located in Accra. The … Continue reading

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How Do You Sleep?

I mean those that continue to defend the incompetent way this crisis is managed. How do you sleep? How do you go to bed knowing you are defending a lie? When you shut your eyes in the darkness of your … Continue reading

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Innitfoɔ no rɛba ooo

Last year I compiled a piece and titled it “Note to Our Christmas Burgers”. Judging from how it went viral, it is fair to say people liked it. We are in December, again, and our friends and relatives will seek … Continue reading

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Opana vs the Good Doctor

Aloha! So myself and the Honourable MP for Facebook South, Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng took to play scripting soon after Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia had delivered what my NPP friends say is a succinct response to the budget as presented by the Finance … Continue reading

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