Woodin’s ready-to-wear ‘Fusion’ collection and my ‘love affair’ with Berla Mundi 

I like Berla Mundi. In fact, I like her enough to have proposed to her once. And guess what? She said yes.

Snap out of it now. I am already married and I am not Muslim and the proposal was one of the fun things that happened at the wedding of my kid brother and friend Giovani Caleb a few months back – it’s amazing the sort of things we do at weddings these days. Anyways.

So back to Berla Mundi. Woodin got my attention when they announced that she was going to be the Ghanaian ambassador for their new range of funky, ready-to-wear apparel appropriately christened ‘Fusion’. It says in the tags of the Fusions that it ‘is created in limited edition for you, in the best workshops in Africa; Patterns from our heritage are redrawn in a harmonious mix of African colours’.
I have become a bit of a mixed personality towing both the #godMC style of Manifest and the #KingSark movement of Sarkodie. Well if you are not onto Ghana’s urban culture, all I am saying is that I have come to like the Western suit and tire in much the same way that I have come to like wearing African prints in the shirt, kaftan or fugu forms. Having to buy an off the shelf shirt designed neatly with indigenous African prints from down here in Ghana or anywhere across the continent does it for me especially as I am not a fan of visiting the unreliable Ghanaian tailor to sew a shirt.

I got me a few Fusion shirts and the plaudits from those who are already into wearing apparel like that and people who hitherto wouldn’t think of putting on anything with prints like that tell me that I am in good company thus far.


About Kwame Gyan

Kwame Gyan is a trained journalist who has taken a break to practice corporate communications but still has an eye on the profession he loves most. He started writing in junior secondary school whiles his broadcasting career started at Radio Univers whiles a student at the University of Ghana in 2001 and has gone on to have stints with Joy FM and CITI FM. He was a columnist in The Globe, an Accra-based freely-distributed newspaper. His articles cutting across entertainment, politics, sports and pure fiction are featured in some other newspapers and blogs. He may be reached via Kwame.Gyan@gmail.com.
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One Response to Woodin’s ready-to-wear ‘Fusion’ collection and my ‘love affair’ with Berla Mundi 

  1. gracelarbi says:

    Reblogged this on gracelarbi and commented:
    your handsome self in fusion….look great !!!!

    longest !

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